Accelerate Healing with Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

for Recovery & Optimal Health

Frequency Resonance Heals the Body...

Freedom from Pain. Accelerated Recovery. Restored Vitality.



Getting to the root of disease

Detoxifies, repairs & regenerates cells!

Over 50 yrs scientific research

Safe and no side effects!

PEMF Doctor Testimonials

"The revolutionary

           cure for pain...


      PEMF is changing

                  the practice of medicine."

                                               ~ Dr. Oz

The efficacy of PEMF Therapy has been scientifically proven

by more than 20,000 research papers, in peer reviewed journals,

and over 2000 double blind university studies.

NASA's 4 year, multi-million dollar study concluded that

PEMF therapy is the most effective form of energy healing

for the repair and regeneration of human and animal cells.





The health benefits of PEMF technology is well researched

Optimizes Cellular Function; Increases ATP (cells internal energy); Increases Oxygen Utilization; REGENERATES Healthy Nerve, Bone, and Soft Tissue Cells; Alleviates Pain; Increases Circulation; Enhances Pathways Systems and Organs ...


PEMF charges cells up to their full voltage potential,

optimizing the body's ability to repair, regenerate and self-heal - every single day!


This far-reaching, powerful technology allows people to take control of their health

- at the cellular level - each and every day - in the privacy of their home.

Stop treating your symptoms and start recovering your body!

Don't Medicate, Educate!

When our bodies or thoughts begin to manifest symptoms, we often reach for the 'quick fix' solution, which is conveniently located at our local pharmacy.  Got a headache? Take a pill. Acid reflux? Take a pill. You know the drill. These 'solutions' do not address the root of the problem, they are only masking the symptoms and causing a deeper, more serious problem to manifest in another area of the body. Recovery and wellness are only achieved when you deal with the root cause of your illness.

An exciting alternative to conventional medicine!

So what's the solution?

Cause / Effect

We live in a cause, effect universe. Every 'effect', otherwise known as a 'symptom', has a cause. If we want to get to the root of the problem, we need to begin by looking at the fundamental elements required for the human body to enjoy health and vitality. Whole foods, clean water, adequate exercise, and a healthy mindset are always helpful, but is it enough? There are many integrative treatments that are helpful, which bring some measure of success. But, if you are not addressing the fact that you are fundamentally ELECTRIC (energy) you are missing a huge component to your health!

" Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy"



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